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Stanley Kubrick è considerato uno dei più grandi registi di tutti i i tempi, se non il più grande. La quintessenza dell'autore cinematografico, qualcuno che non scende a compromessi, che fa quello che vuole come vuole e che si comporta all'opposto dei suoi colleghi dello starsistem, Invisibile, inavvicinabile, tutto ciò ha creato il mito il suo mito il mito Stanley Kubrick.

With an unconventional narrative approach and a beautiful visual impact the film will entertain and stimulate the viewers imagination likewise by painting the complete picture of a versatile and dazzling career in music. What has changed during the last 40 years being on and off the road as a jazz musician, and how has this change affected the creative potential of the music itself? – INSIDE SCOFIELD will provide insight through the eyes and ears from someone who knows.

Additionally to Scofield’s general openness the film provides a lot of exclusive material, e.g. rare backstage, soundcheck as well as personal footage, shot at his home in Katonah, NY – which is rather unusual and refreshing for a documentary about the notoriously secretive jazz scene and its protagonists.

In the film John takes us on a walk through his old neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City – the Village – where he kicked off his career and remembers the time when this area was still the epicenter of jazz. Much but not everything has changed as you will see.

Today, for many fans (especially those who met him after his death) it's hard to imagine the atmosphere around Kubrick when he was alive, "Inaccessible" was the word that was used most, some people just mocked us.

STANLEYANDUS provides a rare view into the life and the work of Stanley Kubrick. – An ambitious trip into the univers of Kubrick.

the documentary was supposed to last an hour…and is finally nine hours long!

An incredible journey into the world of Stanley Kubrick through the story of the people who knew and loved the man, but were also "exasperated" by him.

A halftone portrait, irreverent at times and very much out of the ordinary.

Trasmesso solo alla televisione italiana , oggi vogliamo rieditarlo per permettere ai fans di Kubrick nel mondo intero di poterlo vedere. Partecipate anche voi a questo progetto


Personaggi Intervistati

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Katharina Kubrick

Figlia di Stanley Kubrick, pittrice,  disegnatrice di gioielli, ha collaborato diversi ruoli ai film di Kubrick.


Alexander Walker

Critico cinematografico, amico , era una delle vittime delle telefonate serali di Kubrick. ha realizzato la prima biografia su Stanley Kubrick .


Emilio D'Alessandro

Autista, assistente ma soprattutto amico di Kubrick con cui ha collaborato sin dai tempi di Arancia Meccanica.


Christiane Kubrick

Attrice e pittrice, ha conosciuto Kubrick durante le riprese di Phats of Glory e da allora sono sempre rimasti insieme.


Leon Vitali

Attore in Barry Lyndon e storico assistente di Kubrick.


Murray Melvin

Attore, indimenticabile interprete di the teste of honey, the devils e soprattutto Barry Lyndon.


Jan Harlan

Produttore e assistente di Kubrick, fratello di Christiane. Grande appassionato di musica 


Ken Adam

Scenografo , ha collaborato a numerosi film di James Bond. Con Kubrick ha fatto due film, Dr Strangeloe e Barry Lyndon per il quale ha vinto il suo primo oscar.